CVC Capital

Jan 04, 2022 19:01
MUMBAI: Even as a stony silence from the powers that be in the BCCI on "l'affaire CVC's winning bid for the new Ahmedabad tean in the Indian Premier League has carried over into the new year, the other new franchise from Lucknow has debuted on Twitter. 
Dec 11, 2021 06:12
MADRID: The LaLiga General Assembly Friday ratified the Boost LaLiga (LaLiga Impulso) project with backing from a large majority of clubs. The project is a strategic agreement reached with global investment fund CVC (the same one that recently won the bid to own the new Ahmedabad franchise in the Indian Premier League) to promote the global growth of LaLiga and its clubs.
Aug 13, 2021 00:08
MADRID: The LaLiga general assembly Thursday gave its support to "Boost LaLiga”, the €2.2 billion ($2.58bn) strategic agreement with CVC Capital Partners that will see 10% of the league's business sold to the private equity firm, despite opposition from Real Madrid and Barcelona. 
Aug 05, 2021 16:08
MADRID: LaLiga announces a strategic agreement called “Boost LaLiga” with the leading global investment fund CVC which will see a cash injection of 2.7 billion euros into the competition and its clubs.
Nov 06, 2019 17:11
NEW YORK: Bruin Sports Capital (Bruin), the privately held global investing, operating and holding company Tuesday announced a wide-ranging, long-term strategic partnership with private equity firms CVC Capital Partners (CVC) and The Jordan Company (TJC). 
Apr 23, 2018 16:04
TORONTO: The Stars Group (TSG), parent company of PokerStars, announced at the weekend that it has agreed to acquire Sky Betting & Gaming (SBG) from CVC Capital Partners and Sky plc in a cash and stock transaction valued at $4.7 billion.  This combination will result in the world's largest publicly listed online gaming company.