Ross Brawn

LONDON: Formula 1’s new regulations, initially slated to come in next year but now pushed back to 2022, won’t be delayed any further, Ross Brawn, F1's managing director of motorsport, has insisted.

Racing Point chief Otmar Szafnauer told last month that he was pushing for the rules change to be further delayed in light of the coronavirus pandemic's effect on the current season, but Brawn says the new blueprint for the sport will be in place for 2022.

Feb 07, 2020 19:02
LONDON: It’s the dawn of a new era for Formula 1 in 2021, with a complete overhaul of the championship’s sporting, technical and financial regulations on the way.  As part of this revamp, F1 motorsport boss Ross Brawn says there will also be tweaks to the way the sport is governed to allow the FIA and F1 to make changes to the rules more quickly if a team has found a loophole.