Vivo IPL 2018

MUMBAI: Fevi kwik and Swiggy bagged top honours at the Star Re.Imagine Awards announced here Monday for excellence in creativity (Best Creative Campaign) and creativity along with the use of integrated media (Best Integrated Creative Campaign) respectively in campaigns that reached out to the biggest audience across TV & digital during the recently concluded Vivo IPL 2018 on Star India. 

Additionally, 11 campaigns across nine brands received special mentions. 

May 29, 2018 11:05
THE TWO STANDOUT performances of the 2018 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), while immensely enjoyable by all standards, is more important because it defines the future of international cricket, and the multiple leagues that run in the T20 format.
May 28, 2018 16:05
MUMBAI: The eleventh edition of the VIVO IPL 2018 wrapped up Sunday with a historic flourish for host broadcaster Star India.
May 21, 2018 16:05
MUMBAI: Staying true to its commitment to re-imagine the VIVO IPL 2018, host broadcaster Star India will leverage its full network might to "max out" viewership and reach for the finals of the T20 tournament on 27 May.
May 18, 2018 16:05
MUMBAI: Star India, the official broadcaster of the VIVO IPL 2018, has managed to garner 144 million views in incremental reach when it comes to their non-live content such as surround shows and highlights, according to a Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC) report. 
May 17, 2018 19:05
MUMBAI: Vivo IPL 2018 host broadcaster Star India asserts that overall viewership across all platforms TV (In-Home & Out-of-Home) and Digital in Urban Audiences up to week 5 was 40% higher than the comparable number of matches last year. 
May 16, 2018 16:05
MUMBAI: The IPL 2018 has seen a record number of viewers across all platforms. Women have reportedly accounted for as much as 40% of IPL's total viewership this season. Female audiences have seen a growth rate of 18% in the first four weeks of the competition, with impressions 717.4 million this year as against 606 million in 2017, Business Standard reports. 
May 12, 2018 18:05
MUMBAI: The IPL 2018’s main broadcaster, Star India is planning to telecast the playoffs and the final of the tournament on its Hindi mass entertainment channel, Star Plus with the aim of expanding the tournament’s reach on television, as viewership numbers on the medium have reduced since the previous season.
May 12, 2018 15:05
MUMBAI: Specialized insurance policies provided by insurance firms to companies involved in the IPL 2018, have seen an increase in loss ratios 80 to 90 per cent last year to 150 to 200 per cent this year. According to a report in Business Standard, franchises and the BCCI have started sending insurance claims on account of injured players with less than three weeks left for the tournament to finish.
May 08, 2018 14:05
MUMBAI: VIVO, the official title sponsor of the IPL 2018, was the most advertised brand on television during the first three weeks of the tournament between April 7 and April 2016 according to data provided by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India. 
Apr 26, 2018 15:04
MUMBAI: In what is possibly a first in the history of the Indian Premier League, Gautam Gambhir has announced that he won’t be charging a single penny for the IPL 2018 following Delhi Daredevils’ horrendous run in the season so far.