HI prez Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmad elected Asian Hockey Federation veep

NEW DELHI: Hockey India congratulated Hockey India president Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmad on being elected unopposed as new vice president of the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) at the AHF Congress held in Gifu Friday. 

Md Mushtaque Ahmad HI
Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmad

Ahmad, who has been serving as the president of Hockey India since 1st October 2018, will serve for a four-year term. He has previously also served as the HI secretary general.

HI also congratulated their vice-president, Ms Asima Ali, on being elected unopposed as one of the executive board members of the AHF. Ms Ali of Hockey Jammu & Kashmir, is serving as a vice president of Hockey India since 1st October 2018.

Asima Ali
Asima Ali

The elections of both Ahmad and Ms Ali will now see them become members of the executive board which is the legislative body of the AHF. The AHF executive board manages the affairs of the federation, implements the decisions of the AHF Congress, supervises over the AHF CEO and professional staff, as well as appoints the AHF committees.

Rajinder Singh, secretary general, Hockey India, congratulated both Ahmad and Ms Ali on their election. “It is with immense joy that I wish president, Hockey India, Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmad and vice-president, Hockey India, Ms Asima Ali, on being elected as members of the AHF executive board through their respective new positions. 
“Both Mr Ahmad and Ms Ali have worked tirelessly in Hockey India's endeavour to promote the sport across the country, and transform it into one of the most professionally managed federations in India. They take this experience now to their new positions at the sub-continent level which gives us a sense of immense pride. On behalf of everyone here at Hockey India, I would like to extend my best wishes to them, and hope that they extend their industrious services to the benefit of the Asian Hockey Federation."