'Smart' football academy kickstarts in Kochi

KOCHI: Quartz International Football Academy, a newly launched enterprise in Kerala, has partnered with sports technology firm The Football Mind to provide a “amart academy” solution in the state.

The football academy will provide SAAS tools through The Football Mind’s services to students, parents and coaching staff alike, a joint release asserts. 

The services will be used to monitor day to day activities, make systems efficient, plan training sessions, automate communications with parents and students and provide reporting tools for player assessment. 

JB Mathews, managing director of Quartz International Football Academy Kochi says, “The use of advanced sports technology to enhance football operations is the need of the hour, and teaming up with The Football Mind, gives us a range of services to choose from, helping us save time, efforts and resource use to focus on the on-field activities, where everything else is taken care of by automated and intelligent tools.” 

The launch of a new wearable technology for football players by the sports technology company, offers another avenue for tracking and updating player performance and injuries. Combining this with the intelligent software tools, means taking the footballing experience to a whole new level. 

“We believe that sports technology should be affordable and accessible to all and based on this belief, we have built our tools and services to be available to all. Quartz International Football Academy share our vision in taking the learning of the game a notch up and we are glad to partner with them in this endeavour,” says Pranesh Krishnamurthy, CEO of Protégé Sports Networks, parent company of The Football Mind.