ICC proposes relook at membership norms

DUBAI: This is a development that, practically speaking, will not affect cricketing powerhouses like India, Australia and England, but could theoretically do so. 

According to ESPN Cricinfo, an email circulated among ICC members has put forth a proposal for discussion that full membership of ALL boards should be opened up. The ICC already has two types of membership — full membership and associate membership.

Associate nations will have their membership status reviewed after every two years while full members will have a review every five years.

“Full member status is not enshrined forever. A full member may be re-classified as an associate member upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee where it fails to meet the Retention Criteria,” ICC sources told the cricket website.

While the ICC executive committee is to be disbanded, a new and influential membership committee will be raised to deal specifically with membership compliance and decisions on whether to elevate associate nations to full membership or demote current full members to associate level.

This “MemCom”, which will include both full member and associate representatives, is to be empowered to decide on applications independent of the executive board.

“All applications for a new, enhanced or reclassification (demotion) of membership will be conducted by a committee separate from the executive board. 

“The essence of the MemCom’s role will be to objectively apply the criteria and make a decision on the application,” the mail stated.