EA Sports' FIFA 18 game drops J&K from India map


MUMBAI: Video game manufacturing giants EA Sports have reportedly included an incomplete physical map of India in  FIFA 18 which is set to be released on 29 September.

The map shows a distorted version of the country's geographical contours, cutting off the Jammu and Kashmir state. 

The blunder could cost the manufacturers a vital fan base, particularly as India is seen as the sleeping giant of football and considering that the popularity of the game is at an all-time high in the country at the moment. The country is set to host the FIFA U 17 World Cup from 6 October.

After the success of FIFA 17, the new version FIFA 18, which has Cristiano Ronaldo on its cover, is expected to be bigger and better with improvements in gameplay and introduction of some exciting features.

Talking about the gameplay, EA Sports are calling the upcoming version as “the biggest step” in franchise history due to the introduction of ‘Real Player Motion Technology’, a new animation system that “unlocks the next level of responsiveness and player personality”.

The game has also been altered to add some unique features for its career mode. The transfer system has been completely changed, and players will now be able to deal with opposition managers and player agents with expanded options for fees and contract bonuses. There are also additional cut-scenes for both negotiations and player announcements.