Chess players' forum urges Rijiju to take action against AICF

NEW DELHI: The Chess Players Forum (CPF) has appealed to the Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju alleging the All India Chess Federation (AICF) was not adhering to the clauses of the National Sports Development Code, a mandatory functioning guideline to be adopted by all the National Sports Federations. 

Varugeese Koshy, president of the CPF, pointed out two issues in a press statement issued by the body: 

1) The Code of conduct for players as mentioned in the Constitution of the All India Chess Federation (AICF) : The powers of Suo Moto action self-granted by the AICF to act against chess players are against the tenets of our Indian Constitution as well Civil Code of Law, hence illegal and draconian in nature. This is totally against the letter of spirit of the Sports Code which advises NSF towards ‘Protection and promotion of players‘ interests and welfare’.

2) Non-inclusion of prominent chess players of the country in the management of AICF to a minimum of 25% of the total strength with voting rights, as stipulated in the Sports Code: Even though the Code clearly stipulates AICF to include prominent chess players in its Management Committee with a minimum of 25% representation, with rights to vote in the decisions of administration, it has never been implemented by the body.