Aditya Patel

MUMBAI: X1 Racing League, organised by Indian racers, Aditya Patel and Armaan Ebrahim, and its CEO, Abhinandan Balasubramanian, is being dragged to court on non-payment of fees to senior professionals from the sports industry associated with the inaugural edition of the league in end-2019.

Oct 09, 2019 19:10
MUMBAI: The franchise-based X1 Racing League - a concept brought to fruition within an 18-month time frame by Indian racers Armaan Ebrahim and Aditya Patel - will hit circuits on November 30-December 1 in New Delhi and December 7-8 in Chennai. The six-team league, which revealed the names of five of six franchise owners at a launch event here Wednesday, will be powered by JK Tyre Motorsport.
Jun 08, 2019 16:06
MUMBAI: Xtreme1 Racing League or X1 Racing League, which lays claim to being the world’s first professional franchise-based motorsport league, has appointed Ravi Krishnan as the chairman (non-executive) effective May.
May 03, 2019 15:05
MUMBAI: India’s top international car racers Armaan Ebrahim (29) and Aditya Patel (30) join hands to bring a custom-made two-seater sports car racing league to India in October. The Xtreme1 Racing League or X1 Racing League will be held in a mix of track and street circuits. The league will include eight (8) city-based franchise teams, each comprising of 2 cars and 4 drivers.
Jun 22, 2018 16:06
MUMBAI: Two weeks after reports first appeared that Indian motorsport was taking a second shot at introducing an IPL-templated racing league to the country, financial details have emerged.
Jun 07, 2018 19:06
MUMBAI: Indian motorsport is reportedly taking a second shot at introducing an IPL-templated event to the country. Nominally titled Xtreme1 Racing League (X1), eight teams will compete in races at both track and street circuits in three cities later this year, Times of India reports.