CoA submits its last status report to SC

NEW DELHI: The Committee of Administrators (CoA) on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to formally discharge the CoA vide orders dated January 2, 2017, and January 30, 2017, in its eleventh and final status report, ANI reports.

Once the BCCI elections get over, the CoA will be handing over the charge to the new body.

In the status report, the CoA has also talked about BCCI elections, the formation of the electoral office and the implementation of the Lodha Committee reforms.

The report also includes the recommendations of the CoA inter alia pertaining to conflict of interest, membership structure of the state/member associations of BCCI.

After what has been a useless tenure by the Vinod Rai-led CoA, the BCCI will soon revert to type with the old guard back in the saddle and the same old faces running the show. Cosmetic window dressing like Saurav Ganguly's upcoming short tenure as board president notwithstanding.