World Archery to suspend AAI: Report

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NEW DELHI: World Archery, was reportedly set to suspend Archery Association of India Wednesday after WA's July 31 ultimatum to AAI to set its house in order lapsed.

WA, while delisting AAI as a member on July 19, had warned that AAI faced suspension if its factional feuding was not resolved. Two opposing factions - led by Union minister Arjun Munda and BVP Rao - have both laid claim to being AAI's legitimately-elected body.

AAI (which faction one wonders) had sought to buy time on the matter citing ongoing court cases but WA basically had enough of the grandstanding from the two groups.

A source privy to the negotiations told The Tribune that the suspension letter will be issued anytime on Wednesday. It is understood that the delay in AAI’s suspension - August 1 was to be the suspension date - was caused by the non-availability of WA secretary general Tom Dielen. The suspension will not impact Indian archers’ participation at the World Youth Archery Championships, scheduled to be held in Madrid from August 20, as they have been allowed to participate under the national flag.

After the Madrid event, Indian archers will have to participate under World Archery’s flag till such time as AAI remains suspended.

“We asked them for some more time as they had announced that they will honour the Supreme Court’s judgment, but they said they had no option but to follow the board’s decision,” an AAI (again, which faction?) source told the daily. “But at least they have agreed upon one of our requests to not punish our archers through the time we are under this suspension. They have allowed them to send individual entries.”

World Archery had sent a representative, Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed Chapol, as a mediator and observer for the elections in June but he failed to get both the factions to agree to a single election. The two groups had held elections simultaneously on June 9, in New Delhi and Chandigarh, to elect two presidents - Munda and Rao. Munda was supported by 20 state associations while 10 state bodies went to Chandigarh in support of Rao.

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