AFC to extend support to AIFF for grassroots, futsal development

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NEW DELHI: All India Football Federation organised a webinar session with the grassroots managers on Friday (October 29, 2021) ahead of the inaugural edition of the Hero Futsal Club Championship 2021-22.

Aziz Kifah, Development Officer, AFC, thanked AIFF for the initiative and assured to "extend the support" for the developmental activities.

"On the behalf of the AFC, we would like to extend our support to AIFF for the initiative taken and we will continue to do so. Futsal and grassroots are of paramount importance in terms of overall development. Many big stars came up through the ranks of Futsal and the game is on rising."

He further highlighted that Futsal was encouraged in Brazil to increase the players' speed, decision-making and fine-tune the quality of the Selecao.

"Futsal is the indoor version of football played on a smaller court. Futsal was meant to increase the players' speed and decision making. They wanted this platform to increase speed, decision making, passing, shooting for their national football team."

He opined that Futsal can be inculcated within the curriculum in schools to reach more people and make the game more popular.

"As a development officer, our target is to assess, observe the current situation of the situation in every country and work to develop the same. I wish AIFF all the best for the initiative. It's definitely a positive start in India," he concluded.