Dec 05, 2022 10:12
Sport 24 Richard Wise

IMG Media's Sport 24, is the first and only live sports channel for the airline and cruise line industries, which was launched in 2012. 

Part of the leadership team and responsible for four divisions within IMG Media, including Channels (Sport 24 and EDGE), Esports, Replay (Archive), and Home Entertainment, RICHARD WISE, SVP Content and Channels, who has "steered the ship" since inception, offers a "tenth anniversary" overview of the channel.

Excerpts from a wide-ranging interaction:

Oct 11, 2021 15:10
Ankit Wadhwa Rario

To the digital collectible platforms making waves across the sporting firmament globally, add Rario, launched as the world’s first and foremost NFT (non-fungible token) business for cricket. 

Simply put, Rario is a platform for cricket fans to collect and trade officially licensed cricket moments on the blockchain, represented as an NFT (non-fungible token).

ANKIT WADHWA explains how he, along with fellow co-founder Sunny Bhanot, is building Rario, an NFT business for cricket, as a second time entrepreneur.

Excerpts from a wide-ranging interaction:

May 31, 2021 14:05
Mohit Burman Dabur

MOHIT BURMAN, vice chairman of the $ 13.8 billion Indian multinational consumer goods company Dabur India Ltd, and at 46%, the largest stakeholder in KPH Dream Cricket Private Limited, the holding company that owns and operates Indian Premier League franchise Punjab Kings, has had his wish fulfilled as far as seeing IPL 2021 "completed". 

The Burman family scion had declared at the beginning of the year that the Punjab Kings' owners had recovered their investments “finally after a decade” and were "thankful to their sponsors and other partners who stood by them". 

Apr 20, 2021 16:04
UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin

At a press conference on Monday, April 19, following approval of the new post-2024 format for European club competitions, UEFA president ALEKSANDER ČEFERIN spoke out strongly against the notion of a breakaway European Super League.

'It is not just the football community. All of society and governments are united'
"I cannot stress more strongly at this moment that UEFA and the footballing world stand united against the disgraceful, self-serving proposals we have seen from a select few clubs in Europe that are fuelled by greed above all else.

Mar 12, 2021 14:03
Vivek Singh Procam

VIVEK SINGH, the joint managing director of Procam International, and someone who, along with his elder brother Anil Singh, can rightfully lay claim to having pioneered the running movement in India, has an interesting take on sports. Vivelspeak: "I derive maximum satisfaction through opportunities that help bring change into people’s lifestyles and mindsets via sport." 

Speaking of opportunities, the pandemic has offered an "opportunity to innovate, explore new horizons, and move ahead with solutions that inspire change!"